Terms and Conditions

City Tours

  1. The guided tours take between 1,5 – 2 hours and can take longer by request
  2. The fees depend on the reservation fees for the official tour guides of the city of Munich
    and amounts to EUR 130,00 for two hours (English)
  3. The fee for three hours amounts to EUR 155,00 (English)
  4. The fee for four hours amounts to EUR 180,00 (English)
  5. Fees for more than four hours on request
  6. (a) The fee for an individually designed tour starts at EUR 150,00
    (b) A 30% refund of the design fee will be deducted from the guiding tour if booked
  7. The payment is due upon receipt of the invoice
  8. We retain the right to require a deposit payment
  9. In the event that paying agreements are not kept, we are authorised to resign from the tour without substitution or refunds
  10. If the tour does not start in Munich, driving time and expenses are charged extra
  11. The group is limited to 25 guests for city tours and 15 persons for the museums
  12. Admissions (where applicable) to museums and sights are not included in the guiding fee and must be paid on site by the client directly unless pre-arranged with the tour operator in advance
  13. For cancellations between 10 and 5 working days prior to the tour 50% of the costs are incurred
  14. For cancellations within less than 5 working days prior to the tour 100% of the costs are incurred
  15. If the group is late, the time of the guide service will be reduced accordingly
  16. If the group is late, the guide leaves after waiting for 30 minutes at the meeting point and invoices the full price
  17. The tours take place in any weather
  18. Video and audio recordings are not permitted
  19. Munich For You uses customer records only for there own customer service and does not pass them on to a third party
  20. The guide is responsible for a smooth procedure
  21. Neither Munich For You nor the guide is liable for:
    a. acts of God
    b. services of a third party (bus companies, restaurants, etc)
    c. acute illness of the guide
  22. As members of MGV – Association of Munich Tourist Guides and BVGD – German Federal Association of Tourist Guides the guides are covered by a professional indemnity insurance and a pecuniary loss insurance. For further details go to www.bvgd.org
  23. The attendance is at one‘s own risk
  24. The guides are exempt from liability

January 2018